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Halloween Costume Swap

Costume Swap at the October 2016 PoP Up Long Beach Free Store


We will still be swapping & sharing anything that is clean and in good condition at the October 2016 PoP Up LBFS. But we invite you to rally your friends & family to clean-out their closets and bring any previously used costumes & wild outfits that they don't plan on wearing again. Also good to bring : anything that can be used to make a costume. Halloween theme items and decorations as well. Costumes for adults, children, pets... bring it all.  The LBFS does not provide the costumes or items that we swap - we just provide the space & opportunity to share. Help get the word out and encourage people to participate so we can all have a great exchange this Halloween season and avoid adding to the waste stream.

                           Long Beach Free Store : Swap Society


Swap your BEST Stuff with others for their Best stuff that they have to swap.

Targeted Swap Groups & Events for Size/ Style / Theme & Item Type

Fun Swap Events with Refreshments at the Long Beach Free Store

People Post Photos of what they have to swap and others VOTE for the items they would like to swap for.

We pick numbers and go in order - everyone gets a turn one item at a time - an organized and fair swap circle so everyone gets a good chance at the best stuff there - not a mad rush for the best stuff....

See our BLOG POST for the FULL SCOOP!


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